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סט גלגלי שטח SQUAD 2.5 MTB 29 Boost

סט גלגלי שטח SQUAD 2.5 MTB 29 Boost


סט גלגלי שטח SQUAD 2.5 MTB 29 Boost
סט גלגלים קרבון בוסט לאופני שטח 29

משקל נמוך, קשיחות מרבית אווירודינמיות משובחת

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סט גלגלי שטח SQUAD 2.5 MTB 29 Boost

The Squad 2.5 MTB 29 BOOST wheelset has exceptional features due to its special shape and is designed for mountain bikes with a frame size of 29 inches. Due to the integrated tubeless-suitable system, this XeNTiS wheel achieves a particularly high puncture resistance. An additional benefit is the asymmetrical rim profile, which achieves a higher lateral stiffness during acceleration and braking.

The elegant surface finish gives this wheel set the finishing touch and makes the heart of every carbon enthusiast beat faster.

Carbon fiber 3K-Carbon
Tyres clincher tyres 54-60mm
Max. tyre inflation pressure 50 psi (54-622) 41 psi (60-622)
Brake surface none
Rim depth
Rim width 31,2mm
Spokes count 28 / 28
Hub front XeNTiS XH004-BO; 15-110mm, Center Lock®
Hub rear XeNTiS XH004-BO; X12-148mm, Center Lock®
Compatibility Shimano / SRAM 11-Speed, Shimano 11/12-Speed, Shimano Micro Spline 12-Speed, SRAM XD(R) 12-Speed
Accessories XeNTiS warranty card, XeNTiS Wheelbag, XeNTiS Rim tape
Weight per set 1.323g
Max. combined weight 100kg

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